Yule Feast 2019

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Overiew of Medieval Games - Teacher: Isabella de Walingeford
Cost: $1.00
Description: Lecture on history and description of games played in western Europe (does not include Byzantine Empire) and Africa during the middle ages.
Max: 10

Silk Fan Painting - Teacher: Alizand Thorgeirsson
Cost: $5.00
Description: Basic Silk Fan Painting. Transfer a design of your choosing into the silk fan and paint! Bring supplies if you have them!
NOTE: Fans provided are round, with a paintable surface of about 7.5" across. If you have a design you'd like to do, please make sure it fits!
Max: 10

Crossbow String Making - Teacher: Tymme Lytefelow
Cost: Free
Description: How to make a crossbow (continuous loop) string
Max: 20

Camping chair covers - Teacher: Lady Gisela van Windkeep
Cost: .50 Cents
Description: Demo of making a chair cover with a handout covering several methods of covering modern things to make them look more medieval.
Max: Unlimited