Welcome to the Barony of Glymm Mere

New Baroness and Baron Announced!

New Baroness and Baron Announced

Unto the people of Glymm Mere and Caladport, greetings from Bjorn and Vasilisa, by the Grace of the Sable Lions ninth Baron and Baroness of Glymm Mere.

Beloved friends and chosen family:

We received word from Their Royal Majesties Christian and Helene this morning regarding the choice of our successors. You may rest knowing a choice has been made. The next Baroness and Baron are Mistress Disa and HL Alaistair.

In terms of the actual changeover, due to modern considerations, this will be done virtually. We will provide more details as we have them.

It has been our honor to serve Glymm Mere as your Baron and Baroness this past three years. Please extend all support to Disa and Alaistair. May their tenure be filled with joy and peace.

In Service to Barony and Kingdom,
Bjorn and Vasilisa,
By the Grace of the Sable Lions, ninth Baron and Baroness of Glymm Mere

From the desk of Your Seneschal: Do to the STAY HOME, STAY SAFE order we are having an online meeting. My awesome Deputy, HL Melissa of Dalmatia, who has experience in such things. The April meeting which is slated to run on Tuesday the 7th from 7-8pm (for details see the Kingdom online calendar).

Officers, you are still expected to submit your reports, even if you have nothing to report, to Their Excellencies, the Chronicler and myself before the meeting.

Do not forget tha t your quarterly reports, even if you have nothing to report, are due to your Kingdom officer before the end of April.

Send to: 



HL Volk the Grey
Glymm Mere Seneschal
Hilarus Locus Est

Public Notice

(Thurston County (Olympia), Grays Harbor County, South Mason County, Washington, US)

Greetings An Tir,

It is a with a heavy heart that the Crown of An Tir and I (the Kingdom Seneshal) have made the difficult decision to cancel events and activities (fighter practice, socials, meetings, etc) until May 10th in keeping with the most recent recommendation from the Center for Disease Control. I know there are many of you are thinking about May Crown which is scheduled for May 15-17; the decision about that event will be made in a few weeks when we have more information.

The Kingdom’s financial committee is very much aware that these cancellations can have a tremendous impact on branches. Any branch in An Tir experiencing financial hardship may request assistance from the Kingdom. The local Seneschal or Exchequer should reach out to me (seneschal@antir.org) or Baroness Elewyn (exchequer@antir.org) to request such assistance.

I have been extremely impressed with the way An Tir has risen to these challenges that we are facing as a community with offers of online classes, contests, and meetings. We are a strong and vibrant Kingdom and can continue to build each other up as we wait to join together again.

In Service to the Crown and People of An Tir,

Mistress Alianora Greymoor, OP
Kingdom Seneschal of An Tir

Barony of Glymm Mere – Baronial Polling  

The following schedule outlines the remainder of the polling process:
Polling will be conducted by mail in ballots.

Only paid members are eligible to receive a polling form. Those who reside within the boundaries of the Barony will receive their forms in the mail.

All polling forms must be received by April 17th 2020.

Anyone who does not receive a polling form is welcome to send comments to the Crown directly. More information can be found at https://glymm-mere.org/main2/en/top/home/ as well as on the Glymm Mere Facebook page. Additional questions may be directed to Volk the Grey, Seneschal of Glymm Mere, at GlymmMere.Seneschal@antir.org.

Keep reading to view the Candidates for

Baron & Baroness of Glymm Mere

Feel free to download their resumes that are listed as files. Just click on the links.

His Lordship Alasdair Mac Roibeirt & Mistress Disa i Birkilundi

Greetings unto Their Majesties, the Kingdom Seneschal, Their Excellencies of Glymm Mere, the Seneschal of Glymm Mere and the Populace of our wonderful Barony-

It is with great joy that we Mistress Disa i Birkilundi and His Lordship Alasdair Mac Roibeirt declare our desire to serve the great Barony of Glymm Mere as Baroness and Baron. We have each been involved in the SCA for over 20 years and are proud to call Glymm Mere our home.

Helping people find their passions and encouraging them to take the next step in their dreams is such an important part of leadership. We would like to help encourage members of the barony to find these passions and make the journey a bit easier by providing transportation and lodging at events outside the barony when possible.

We also feel that demos are essential to increasing membership and creating a good relationship with our community. Growth of the Shamrock Tourney is a wonderful way to showcase the SCA to the public. Continuing demos for scouting and other youth groups is also essential. We would also like to be able to use the Wednesday Fight Practices as a demo opportunity during the warmer (and drier) months.

Fostering a continued sense of community for the Barony as a whole is also incredibly important. We would like to encourage this by continuing to host regular get togethers in our home and non SCA related outings in addition to all the wonderful activities that the members of the Barony as well as the Canton already offer.

Words from Disa:

I began my SCA journey with June Faire in 1997 and the moment I arrived I felt that I had found my community. My early days were spent camping with friends and enjoying the atmosphere that the society provides.

I found a home with Glymm Mere in 2004. Since that time, I have held the offices of Gold Key, Chief Archer, Chatelaine, Herald and A&S Minister. I’ve also been deputy for the offices of Master of Stables, A&S Minister, and Chronicler. I served as retinue for Baron Wolfgang and Baroness Julianna, Baron Godric and Baroness Kara as well as Head Lady in Waiting and Head of Retinue for Baron Dunstan and Baroness Aelisia. I was honored to hold the title of Baronial Arts and Sciences Champion in both 2010 and 2015.

During the time that I journeyed south to the lands of Dragon’s Mist I served as their Chronicler. I also served on retinue as Royal Liaison for Baron Finn as well as Baroness Ana and Baron Jose. In 2014, I was as Dragons Mist’s Arts and Sciences Champion as well.

I was Event Steward or Co Steward in Glymm Mere for Honey War in 2007, 2008. 2009 and 2010. I was also the Event Steward for Norse Winter Nights in 2008 and the first Lyceum in 2016 as well as the upcoming event in 2020. In 2016 I was the Co Steward of Kingdom Arts &Sciences and Bardic Championship and was the first Event Steward for Kingdom Arts & Sciences and Rapier Championship in 2018, both held within the lands of Glymm Mere.

I have always had a deep love and sense of commitment to Glymm Mere even when I did not reside within its boundaries. I would serve the Barons and Baronesses as retinue and welcome members of the populace into my encampment as well as helping to create a close bond between Glymm Mere and Dragon’s Mist during my time there. Since returning to Glymm Mere I have hosted many largess days and A&S workshops in my home and am the current deputy A&S Minister.

I have a passion for fostering equity and inclusivity both within the SCA and modernly. I was a member of the charter writing committee for RAIN, the LGBTQ Employee Resource Group for the State of Washington. I have close relationships with members of the An Tir EDI Council and feel that is our responsibility as a community to create a welcoming and inclusive group for all.

My hope is that my experiences as an officer, retinue, and event steward both within and outside the barony would aid me in helping our Barony become stronger. I would like to assist in continuing to build a sense of community within the barony and aid in developing even stronger relationships with our neighbors in the kingdom.

Words from Alasdair:

My path began in 1994 in the Kingdom of Atenvldt. I was a guest of a group that visited the SCA but predominantly played in other fandom communities. Over the following 4 years my interest in the SCA deepened and I eventually found myself playing more with my local barony and less with the household that brought me into the SCA to begin with. Before I left Atenveldt for mundane necessities in early 2002 I had taken to the war field first as part of a siege crew, and later as a heavy fighter. I was a deputy seneschal for the Barony of Twin Moons, served as part of the Estrella War grounds crew for several years, and also on staff as an Estrella War event deputy.  I taught classes on maille to both adults and youth and served as a co autocrat for Collegium in the Barony of Twin Moons.

Mundane obligations took me to the Kingdom of Ansteorra and saw my time on the war and tourney field continue. I became a part of the nearby Shire of Tempio and served as the defacto shire marshal, helping equip and train new fighters. I also furthered my interest in the Arts and Sciences by undertaking to create new clothing for myself, my family, and others as well as sharing what I had learned of sewing through classes held for the local Shire. I picked up woodworking and began teaching myself more about furniture, first by following plans from the known world handbook, and then beginning to search for more variety.

The summer of 2005 brought me to the lands of An Tir. I became involved in the fighting communities of both Blatha An Oir and Glymm Mere. My first event in An Tir was in Glymm Mere at 1001.5 Arabian Nights. Being in the military, I lived closer to Blatha An Oir and spent a majority of my time there but still retained ties to numerous people in Glymm Mere and returned regularly for practices and events. I moved back to Glymm Mere in 2015 and still reside there. Since returning to Glymm Mere I have revived the baronial heavy combat practice as well as aiding in the training of heavy marshals and fighters. I have served as event MIC for both events and demos. Off of the combat track I have opened my home to those who wish to learn new wood working skills on a number of occasions to both teach classes and also to provide open shop time for those who need it.

I bring experience as a fringe player, as a merchant, as a fighter, and as an artisan. I have served as retinue to several Royal reigns. I have also served as a youth marshal, deputy baronial marshal, and branch heavy marshal. Currently I serve Glymm Mere as custodian of the heavy loaner equipment.

I seek to foster growth and the strengthening of ties across the kingdom. As a Landed Baron my goal would be to draw new players to Glymm Mere and help them find a place of welcome. For those currently active I would strive to encourage the exploration and enjoyment of as much of An Tir as possible.


Yours in Service,

Mistress Disa i Birkilundi and His Lordship Alasdair Mac Roibeirt

Master Erik Loren Elcara & Lady Catrine La Crosetiere

Unto Their Royal Majesties of An Tir, Christian Bane & Helene d’Anjou, the Kingdom Seneschale of An Tir. Mistress Alianora Greymoor. Their Excellencies of Glymm Mere, Baron Bjorn Ulfsson & Baroness Vasilisa Myshkina, the Baronial Seneschal of Glymm Mere, the Honorable Lord Volk the Grey, and the populace of the Barony of Glymm Mere, do we, Master Erik Loren Elcara & Lady Catrine La Crosetiere, send greetings:

By this Letter of Intent, do we, Master Erik Loren Elcara & Lady Catrine La Crosetiere, humbly submit our petition and request consideration to assume the roles and responsibilities of Glymm Mere’s Baronage, in pledge of fealty and service to the populace of Glymm Mere and the Crown and Kingdom of An Tir. By this submission of our Letter of Intent, we request the honor of being considered as the next Baron and Baroness of Glymm Mere. We have put a great deal of thought into this decision, and after careful consideration we are highly confident of our capacity to fulfill and uphold the responsibilities, duties, and traditions of the Barony; as well as to encourage, support, and cooperate with the Crown as warranted. We both know how important these positions are, as well as the time and effort required to uphold them, and we are able to give them the attention deserved. We have both been active in the Society, in An Tir and elsewhere, and know that we are ready to step into these roles as leaders, teachers, chatelaines, and trusted friends to the people of Glymm Mere. The basic duties of the Baron and Baroness are ceremonial in nature. We recognize the importance and trust placed in the Baron and Baroness as representatives of the Crown to the Barony and of the officers and populace of the Barony to the Crown and as the face of the Society to newcomers and as inspirations to the Baronial officers and populace in the efficient performance of their duties and effective liaison within the Barony. As Baron and Baroness we would aspire to provide chief examples of chivalry, courtesy, and virtue as well as encouraging those values in Glymm Mere and beyond.

Yours in Service, Master Erik Loren Elcara & Lady Catrine La Crosetiere

HL Aleksei Zateev & HL Natasha Orionova Zateeva

Unto Their Most Noble Majesties of An Tir, Their Excellencies Bjorn and Vasilisa, and the citizens of the Barony of Glymm Mere do Aleksei Zateev and Natasha Orionova send our greetings on this 4th day of February, Anno Societatis LIV, being 2020 in the reckoning of the monk who became Pope Gregory.

We began here while Glymm Mere was yet a shire, and here our hearts found a home. We have worked and played here for the 29 years since, and we believe that we possess the experience and qualities to be effective leaders and to sustain the ideals of the Society for all the folk of Glymm Mere. Thus we are moved to offer ourselves as candidates to be the next representatives of the Crown as Baron and Baroness of this land of Shining Water. Aleksei has been Chamberlin, as well as Chief Archer (multiple times, and is the current officer) and has been Archery Champion several times as well. Natasha has served as Glymm Mere Arts and Sciences officer, and as Bewayre Herald, also serving on the Financial Committee. We regularly attend monthly business meetings to keep ourselves current on the workings of the Barony, and hear reports on the plans for upcoming events. Natasha went on to serve at the Kingdom level, in the An Tir College of Heralds as Vox Leonis (Royal Court Herald, 3+ years), Lowenmahne (Kingdom Tournament Herald 3 years), and Ounce (Teaching for new heralds 2 years), and currently holds the office of Lion’s Sword Herald (Kingdom Ceremonial 3 years). Aleksei served as Recording Deputy for Archery scores for the Kingdom several years. We have each served as event stewards in Glymm Mere, mentored first-time autocrats, and have also assisted with events in other branches. Natasha is well known as a court herald, and has served the coronets of Glymm Mere, Blatha an Oir, Dragons Laire, Madrone, Aquaterra, and Vulcanfeldt, and has also served visiting Royals as needed by the Crown. She regularly teaches at Kingdom Heraldic and Scribal Symposium. Aleksei has taught archery and the arts of creating and maintaining archery equipment, and enjoys helping new archers learn about SCA rules and shooting styles. He supports archery events throughout the region as a senior marshal. We have each been honored with the Crystal of Glymm Mere and the Red Hart. Aleksei has also received the Ewer and the Hunting Horn. We are each members of the Order of the Goutte de Sang, and Aleksei also has a Jambe de Lion and is a member of the Order of the Gray Goose Shaft. We are proud of this land of Shining Waters, and we seek to keep it strong and its people well and happy. Sharing our love of the Society and its myriad facets is our goal, and ever seeking to learn more is our passion. It would please us to have you consider us for the Baronial Seats in this polling.

In service to Glymm Mere, An Tir, and our shared dreams,

Aleksei Zateev Azure, on a bend sinister argent between two lion's heads cabossed Or an arrow inverted gules.

Natasha Orionova Azure, a sagittary passant contourny argent and on a chief Or three braziers sable enflamed gules.