During An Tir’s tenure as a Principality, the Serjeantry allowed Territorial Baronesses to test and instruct heavy fighters who might not have the opportunity to be seen by the Crown of the West in the arts of courtly grace and through Knights, their martial ability. Tests and trials included: Dance and Bardic, Arts and Sciences, Heraldry – both scholarly and field, period games and diversions and so on. Their martial title as Serjeant informed the observer that a certain standard of ability and behavior had been met. Later, other branches of Serjeantry were added to include Rapier fighting, Gallants; Archery, Yeoman; and Arts & Sciences, Courtier.

Name Branch
HL William Richard Drake Gallant
HL Dunstan M'Lolane Serjeant
HL Volk the Grey Yeoman
Lord Snorri Bjornsson Yeoman
HL Serena Zane Courtier
Lord Karl von Miltenberg Gallant
HL Ludiwg Maltz
HL Bessetta Wallace Courtier
HL  Bledyn Drwg de Caerdydd Courtier