Champions of Glymm Mere

Chosen by competition, these individuals represent excellence in their areas of expertise. They are charged to share their skills with the Barony.


Lord Defender of Glymm Mere (Perpetual)
Duke Thorin Njalsson
Thrown Weapons Guardian (Perpetual)
HL Gerald de Huntington
Rapier Protector 
Knut Kolbjornson
Bardic Champion/Hummingbard
Dame Elanor of Eccleshall

Archery Protector

HL Volk the Grey

Heavy Champion/Shield of the Barony

Sir Seumas mac Brehon

YAC Champion


Thrown Weapons Champion

HL Aleksei Zateev

Arts and Sciences Champion
HL Laeriel Fayrehale
Brewing Champion
Equestrian Champion
The Sweet of Glymm Mere
Mistress Disa i Birkilundi

The Duties and Responsibilities of Glymm Mere’s Champions

  • It is the responsibility of the Champion to sponsor activities at Glymm Mere events and whenever the need arises. This may include sponsoring or assisting with competitions, demonstrations, and practices in their area of championship.
  • The Champion is encouraged to involve him/herself in competitions and practices throughout the Kingdom of An Tir.
  • The Champion is expected to attend Glymm Mere's May Faire, Honey War and Yule Feast as well as next year’s competition, assist in planning and conducting said competition, and assist in the selection of his/her successor.
  • A Champion should serve as a role model and an inspiration to the Populace and is expected to conduct him/herself with courtesy, humility and honor.
  • Should the Champion fail to uphold the standard of Champion as stated, Their Excellencies will ask the Champion to relinquish his/her position. If this occurs, Their Excellencies may choose an acting replacement, leave the Championship vacant for the remainder of that Champion’s term, or hold another Championship competition.

The Rights and Privileges of Glymm Mere’s Champions

  • To bear and display the regalia of his or her position.
  • To stand near the Coronets in court and at events.
  • To speak or act in the Coronets’ name when delegated to do so.

Past Champions

Arts & Sciences Champions

Year Name
1996 Elspeth MacTaggart
1997 Anna von Schneverdingen
1998 Gorandookht Manigonian
1999 Elizabeth de Besancon
2000 Vasilisa Myshkina
2001 Gryphon the Black
2002 Aedan Blackhawke
2003 Serena Lyons
2004 Serena Lyons
2005 Kateryn of Falconkeep
2006 Willfred Josephson
2007 Lord Egen Brauer
2008 HL Egen Brauer
2009 Lady Isebel von Waldeck
2010 HL Disa i Birkilundi
2011 HL Cristiana de Huntington
2012 HL Tristan O'Shea
2013 Lady Beatrix Evans
2014 HL Besseta Wallace
2015 Championship held at Yule

Bardic Champions/ Hummingbard Champions

Year Name
1994 Cian MacDara
1995 Gorandookht Manigonian
1996 Rhonwen McBride
1997 Hraefn mac Thaidhg
1998 Salla Claire
1999 Elisabeth de Besancon
2000 Red Angus
2001 Gillian Maderia
2002 Breyanna
2003 Aedan Bloodhawke
2004 Gorandookht Manigonian
2005 Gorandookht Manigonian
2006 Mila Faer
2007 HL Serena Zane
2008 HL Serena Zane
2009 Gorandookht Manigonian
2010 HL Serena Zane
2011 HL Volk the Grey
2012 HL Serena Zane
2013 HL Volk the Grey
2014 Lord Tigernan Smithersson
2015 Championship held at Yule


Archery Champions / Protector

Year Name
1994 Eric de Dragon's Laire
1995 Aleksei Zateev
1996 Aleksei Zateev
1997 Godric ap Ryhs
1998 Gryphon the Black
1999 August Hernan Kronken
2000 Red Angus
2001 Aleksei Zateev
2002 Aleksei Zateev
2003 Gryphon the Black
2005 James
2006 Ronan Mac Daire
2007 HL Kara of St. Davids
2008 Lord Tristan O'Shea
2009 HL Johann Fairhan
2010 Katla
2011 Lady Zarjah Lynd
2012 Lady Zarjha Lynd
2013 Master Gryphon the Black
2014 HL Volk the Grey
2015 HL Alaricus Simmonds


Rapier Champions

Year Name
1996 Ian MacDougal Camron
1997 Gavin MacKinnon
1998 Bob of Boar's Tusk
1999 Magnus von Bremen
2000 Wolfgang von Bremen
2001 Bob of Boar's Tusk
2002 Wolfgang von Bremen
2003 Aedan Bloodhawke
2005 Don Richard Thomas
2006 Camron of Clan Stewart
2007 Lord Girard von Bremen
2008 Lord Thorbjorn Askni
2009 HL Durant Ramperti Caiaphas
2010 Cameron of Clan Stewart
2011 Mieczysław Czarnecki
2012 HL William Richard Drake
2013 Lord Klüs Hebenstraub der Hess
2014 HL William Richard Drake
2015 HL Klüs Hebenstraub Derr Hess


Heavy Champion
(Shield of the Barony)

Year Name
2008 Lord Dunstan M'Lolane
2009 Lord Micah the Mad
2010 Lord Micah the Mad
2011 HL Dunstan M'Lolane
2012 HL Justin de Leon
2013 Lord Kolbjorn Gunnison
2014 Lord Olcan Mac Meanma
2015 Lord Olcan Mac Meanma


Thrown Weapons Champion

Year Name
2008 HL Gerald de Huntington
2009 HL Gerald de Huntington
2010 HL Gerald de Huntington
2011 HL Gerald de Huntington
2012 HL Gerald de Huntington
2013 HL Gerald de Huntington
2014 HL Gerald de Huntington
2015 HL Gerald de Huntington


Equestrian Champion

Year Name
2014 Lady Elanor Stanhope
2015 No Championship