Baronial Officers


HL Volk the Grey

The Seneschal is in charge of the day-to-day business of keeping the barony going.

Deputy: OPEN


Lord Snorri Bjornsson

 The Exchequer is in charge of the moneys raised by the group and is responsible for paying money out to cover the legitimate expenses of the group (such as paying for the site to have an event at).

Deputy: Maude Louisiana d'Orleans



Takes care of the equipment and supplies owned by the barony.

Deputy: OPEN


HL Kate the Candelmaker

The Chatelaine is the person who helps newcomers. If you are newly joining the SCA, or just visiting an event because the pavilions caught your eye as you drove past the park, this is the person who will answer your questions. And if they can't, they'll help you find someone who can.

Deputy: VACANT

Gold Key


Maintains a supply of loaner clothing appropriate for events.

Deputies: Khulan Bolor
Caitriona O'Bannon


HL Sybil Strangeways

The Herald announces things at court, introduces fights on the field, and helps you develop a name and device. In the SCA, we use names that could have existed in Medieval or Renaissance times and create devices that can be used to identify us by picture, much like a coat of arms.

 Deputy: OPEN


HL Rosamond Winder

Coordinates the creation and production of scrolls given by the barony.

Deputy: Lady Sybil Strangeways


Master Erik Loren Elcara

The Chronicler is responsible for the publications of the group. The Barony of Glymm Mere issues a newsletter called "The Looking Glass". Please contact the chronicler for directions on submissions.

Deputy: Bledyn Drwg de Caerdydd, Lady Quillemette de Calmoutier

Web Minister

Ludwig Maltz

Coordinates the creation and maintenance of the Glymm Mere website.

 Deputy: Barbara De Medewe

Social Media Officer

Barbara De Medewe

Monitors and maintains the social media presence of the Barony

Deputy: Ludiwg Maltz

Arts and Sciences

Mistress Elanor of Eccleshall

Coordinates the study and practice of the medieval arts and sciences

Deputy: HL Fionnghuala inghean mhic Oitir

Bardic Coordinator:  Mistress Elisabeth Piper

Games Minister 

HL Isabella de Walingeford

Deputy: open

Family Activities Coordinator

Lord Bledyn Drwg de Caerdydd

Coordinates kid-friendly activities at events and other gatherings.

Deputy: OPEN

Master of Stables (Marshal) 

Melissa of Dalmatia

Coordinates practices and safety for armored combat fighters. 
Checks equipment and organizes marshalling at events.

Deputy: OPEN

Provost of Fence (Rapier Marshall) 


Coordinates practices and safety for rapier combatants. Checks equipment and organizes marshalling at events.

Deputy: open

Chief Archer

HL Aleksei Zateev

Coordinates archery activities within the Barony, including collecting scores.

Deputy: open


Equestrian Officer


Coordinates all Equestrian activities.

Deputy: OPEN


HL Aleksei Zateev

Coordinates thrown weapons activities within the Barony, including collecting scores.

Deputy: open

Youth Armored Combat

Lord Jean-Pierre Colbert le Touche au Tout



Organizes the roster of fighters and order of battle at tournaments, and tracks the results.

Deputy: OPEN

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Event Stewards:  
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