Seafarer's Celebration V

July 29th, 30th, and 31st, 2016

Please Note: The event's pages are still being updated.  This notice will be removed when the updates have been completed.

New for 2016!

The infamous Tournament of Sins will be expanded to include the original sin: knowledge!  Earn points for taking and teaching classes!  For more information, check out the tournament rules.

The Dragon's Blood, traditional hosts of Seafarer's, will be celebrating our 15th anniversary and final voyage and the opening of The Red Dragon Inn!  Come join us in games, food, beverage, singing, dancing, and all types of fun as we prepare to sail off to the New World in search of adventure!

Don't tire yourself out completely at Honey War! There is more to follow in the weeks beyond.

As if the Seafarer's Celebration were not fun enough; the time has come to throw another wrench into the smoothly working cogs...

In lieu of a silent auction for charity this year we will be hosting a canned food drive for a local Tenino food bank... for every five (5) cans of food that you bring in you will receive a HUMANITY point... this will allow you to REMOVE a single SIN point from an opposing player or team's total at the end of the tournament.

Explanation of the rules of the tournament on the website below.

Let the chaos begin!

Have you wanted to create a nautical persona within the SCA period, but could not find enough information?

Have you ever had questions about seafaring topics?

Join us for classes, games, heavy combat, rapier, archery, revelry & much more!!

The all new Tournament of Sins will be an overlying contest!

Bardic competition and tablero tournament Saturday evening.

Seafarer's Celebration V is an event to celebrate the people of many different time periods and nationalities that made their livelihood on the waters of the world. Plenty of fun for everyone, all ages, seafaring or not! Games and activities for the powder monkeys (wee ones) as well.

Tons of classes ranging from food, games, warfare, historic nautical clothing, how to tell period nautical information from non, etc.

Feasting, fighting, learning, singing and socializing! What more could one ask for? So fire up your shanties, dust off your thrum cap, break out your ship's biscuits and meet us at Tenino City Park this year!

If you missed it last year do not miss it again. Come join all the action!

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