Glymm Mere Lyceum

Bardic Championship

We heartily welcome bards of all types to come entertain and educate the populace with your art!!

Please send letters of intent to our noble Baron, Baroness, and myself by Candlemas.

When entering, please keep these guidelines in mind:

1. Each bard shall prepare 2 performances of any type (dance, music, storytelling, or any other period style of performance).

-At least one performance must be a period piece with documentation.

-Documentation is to be a maximum of 1000 words and a brief oral summary should be given before the performance. Please bring 5 copies.

-The other piece may be period or SCA inspired.

-The entrants may, if they wish, enlist others to assist in one performance.

-One entry must be a solo performance.

2. Each performance should be no more than 10-15 minutes, including the brief oral summary

3. After all the performances, the populace will vote for their two favorite performances.

4. The Bardic Champion will then be selected by the Baron and Baroness, aided by the advice of three judges and the tally of the populace vote.