Бабье лето (Babie leto) 2014

For months there have been whispers of a gourmet found in distant lands of Russia! Our Baron and Baroness call you to present your skills. Yule will play host to our A&S Championship and the Glymm Mere Bardic Championship.  The day will be packed full of prize tournaments, contests, games and fun for all ages. As the day grows short and evening arrives, your sences will tempted as we have been by the  aromas of Volk's kitchen, as he serenades the feast from his domain. We shall feast on the dishes from Russia. Join us as we celebrate the talents in the Barony of Glymm Mere and the camaraderie of the feast season. 

Feast space is limited; reserve your space early.

Site Info:
Name: Washington Land Yacht Harbor
9101 Steilacoom Road SE
Olympia, WA 98513