This award is given at Mayfaire to the individual who was the most kind, helpful, thoughtful, cheerful, courteous, and all around nice-person during the previous year.
It was originally given at Mayfaire IV (1985) by the Event Stewards (Caitlin a'tuath and Gwendolyn Fitzalan) and
has continued to be given by the previous recipient ever since.

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Compiled (years IV to XX) by Ld. Conner Hume Gallant of Glymm Mere

Mayfaire IV (1985) Yoshida Makoto
Mayfaire V (1986) Josef d'Gonneville
Mayfaire VI (1987) Patrick
Mayfaire VII (1988) Taran Iggulfson
Mayfaire VIII (1989) Lauriellen of Dragonworks
Mayfaire IX (1990) Dulce, Aslac, & Roland von Pfeffer
Mayfaire X (1991) Connor McGuire
Mayfaire XI (1992) Valerian the Innocent
Mayfaire XII (1993) Martin le Harpur
Mayfaire XIII (1994) Gwendolyn Fitzalan
Mayfaire XIV (1995) Hludwig Ster
Mayfaire XV (1996) Richard Fitzalan
Mayfaire XVI (1997) Conner Hume
Mayfaire XVII (1998) Ford Forgotten
Mayfaire XVIII (1999) Johann(es) Fairhand
Mayfaire XIX (2000) Natasha
Mayfaire XX(2001) Tamlin
Mayfaire XXI (2002) Rebecca de Lavigueur
Mayfaire XXII (2003) Baron Julian and Baroness Aryana
Mayfaire XXIII (2004) Domarr
Mayfaire XXIV (2005) Sir Godric
Mayfaire XXV (2006) HL Elonda Blue Haven
Mayfaire XXVI (2007) Lady Muireann inghean ui Rodain
Mayfaire XXVII (2008) HL Mahee of Acre 
Mayfaire XXVIII (2009) Lord Volk the Grey
Mayfaire XXIX (2010) Lord Damon
Mayfaire XXX (2011) Lord Dunchad of Donegal
Mayfaire XXXI (2012) HL Kolfinna Vallagyoja
Mayfaire XXXII (2013) HL Rosamond Winder
Mayfaire XXXIII(2014) HL Ludwig Maltz


"the sweet or sweetest, stems from the sweetest deed.
it is displays of and living with chivalry honor generosity and such. It is people who step up to the plate and take a big swing or a small one. It is being seen doing good things. I think part of mine was I think taking the Eric down in a 50 (or less) degree drizzle on a Sunday morning probably some other things. I passed it to Natasha who showed generosity and hospitality in sharing sunscreen, coffee, water and letting small children stay in her shade....
I looked at (giving it to) a young man who loaned his cloak and a blanket to a couple underdressed young ladies without suggesting sharing the warmth and on pointing where to return them he then walked off.
Ford Forgotten - I think he was the one who on hearing a woman, (a reasonable newcomer I think) who basically got dumped at the event by her ride , finding her wallet gone realized it was 50 miles back in town. ford said get in lets go and drove her back and then returned with not a word of complaint or asking for gas etc .
there are others who can tell it better and fuller but there is a taste of who what and why when and where are May faire...."

-Johann(es) Fairhand