HL Aeryth le Marchand

The Chatelaine is the person who helps newcomers. If you are newly joining the SCA, or just visiting an event because the pavilions caught your eye as you drove past the park, this is the person who will answer your questions. And if they can't, they'll help you find someone who can.

The chatelaine is a greater office of the barony, and as such is a required office. We must have it filled to keep our status as a Barony. The chatelaine is required to have a current SCA membership.

The chatelaine may have the following deputies, and should receive reports from them. 
Gold Key 
Demo coordinator 
other deputies may be assigned as needed 3

The duties of the chatelaine are

1) to be a contact for newcomers to the SCA, or the barony. You should have a published email address, as much of the contact will be from the web. Phone numbers do not need to be made public. Information given to newcomers may include : upcoming events, local meetings times and places, contact information for other officers who can answer more detailed questions, what to expect at a first event, how to behave at the event, and how to get loner garb or feast gear. At events you should be prepared to shepherd the new person and make them feel welcome and comfortable.

2) to be a contact person for groups or individuals looking for demos. The chatelaine or deputy  should gather all the information about the demo and make announcements to the populace at meetings, practices,  in the newsletter, and on on the web or e-list as appropriate. At the demo the chatelaine should be prepared to talk with, and answer questions from the attendees. Fliers or handouts about the sca are helpful. The chatelaine does not need to personally attend every demo, but should make arrangements for someone to speak with people and take a report of the activities and attendance.

3) to report to the kingdom chatelaine, the seneschal, and their excellencies on a quarterly basis.

4) to report to the barony at populace meetings every month. A written copy of the monthly report should also be submitted to the baronial chronicler for publication in the newsletter.