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Important Information!

Heavy fight practice has been suspended for the winter season.  Archery happens sporadically as weather and motivation allow.  Rapier and Youth Armored Combat will continue as usual.

Aug Business Meeting

Glymm Mere Business Meeting - First Tuesday of the Month
Next Meeting is Sept. 6th

For more information, please see the Business Meeting page.

United Methodist Church
1401 Lake Park Dr.
Tumwater, Washington,98512
(between Trosper Rd. & Linwood Ave.)

General Schedule (not including classes):
6:15-7 pm:
Financial Committee Meeting

7-8 pm:
Business Meeting

Honey War!

Honey War: The 100 Beers War!!!

Before the Battle of Hastings in 1066 there was the Battle of Stamford Bridge. Before Stamford Bridge there was the Battle of Fulford.

Why the Battle of Fulford?

Just as in the Battle of Fulford, invaders from the Norse are crossing the waters to do battle. Blatha An Oir is rallying their forces to once again do battle with Glymm Mere and theirs. History shows that the Norse were victorious and Viking shield wall was unbroken by the English. Come to Honey War, The 100 Beers War and see if history repeats itself.

July 8-10 2016

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Seafarer's Celebration V (July 29-31)

Join us July 29th, 30th, and 31st to celebrate the fifth anniversary of our seafaring-themed event, and the 15th anniversary of the ship The Dragon's Blood.  We will continue our infamous Tournament of Sins with a twist - this year we add the original sin of knowledge!  In addition, we'll be holding the first ever Glymm Mere Youth Championship! 

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